AntibioTx is a privately held, clinical stage, pharmaceutical company dedicated to the development of a novel class of antibiotics with a new mechanism of action. The Tx-class shows promise to denote a change in the challenging race against antibiotic resistance by treating human bacterial infections caused by problematic pathogens.

Such infections are causing harm to millions of patients worldwide. Recent research suggests that mortality due to resistant pathogens will outnumber that of cancer in 2050 with more than 10 million attributable deaths per year. This is a threat not only to patients and healthcare personnel but also to the global economy with an estimated 100 Trillion USD in lost GDP up until 2050.

From an investment perspective, AntibioTx represents a multi-pronged opportunity with two lead candidates in the clinical stage – these are being developed for skin infections and atopic dermatitis - and a number of qualified follow-on discovery and preclinical programs. The company has raised funds through private investors and non-dilutive sources to reach the current stage of development.

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