ATx201 (Lead program)

ATx201 comprises of a novel mechanism with properties for treatment of skin infections and microbiome-related disorders of the skin. Topical products based on ATx201 are currently being developed to address significant medical needs and provide radically new treatment alternatives for localized management of infections and skin disorders.

AntibioTx has conducted microbiological testing of ATx201 towards globally representative panels of bacteria that are commonly colonizing the skin of patients. For example, the potency of ATx201 has been tested against of clinical isolates of Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA and MSSA) resistant to fusidic acid, mupirocin and retapamulin with very consistent results.

ATx201 has a unique mode of action that leads to extraordinarily slow de novo resistance evolution. In the laboratory, it has not yet been possible for any of the groups that have tried to isolate spontaneous mutants with elevated MIC towards ATx201. This is in stark contrast to current topical antibiotics, which develop resistance at more than 10.000-fold higher frequencies. Additionally, similar results have been achieved in repeated exposure experiments where mutants with significantly increased MIC towards ATx201 could not be isolated.

With ATx201, AntibioTx aims to provide physicians across the globe with an effective alternative to currently ineffective topicals and harsh systemic antibiotics that are frequently being used off-label with limited effect. By providing an effective local treatment alternative, ATx201 can help patients and preserve millions of systemic antibiotic treatments to the benefit of healthcare systems, payers and physicians.

ATx201 is in the clinical stage and has entered Phase II in H2 2017.

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