The Tx-class

AntibioTx has utilized cutting edge systems biology, understanding of antibiotic resistance and rapid lead qualification procedures to internally discover, characterize and patent protect a potential game-changing class of antibiotics:

The Tx-class makes up the platform from which AntibioTx discovers, develops, and commercializes new antibacterial treatments.

The Tx-class has potential to make a significant and lasting impact on the fight against antibiotic resistance due to a number of factors:

  • Novel mechanism of action
  • Effectively overcomes current multi-drug resistant bacteria
  • >10.000-fold better than marketed antibiotics in delaying the onset of de novo resistance
  • Chemical scaffold provide opportunities to develop new compositions of matter and target a variety of infections
  • Compound class is risk-reduced and has shorter time to market due to proven human safety

Since the discovery of the Tx-class, AntibioTx has been expanding our knowledge of this class, the mechanism of action, and its usefulness in treating a variety of clinically important indications. We have used our knowledge to qualify a number of antibiotic candidates utilizing the same basic molecular structure.

AntibioTx has entered into collaborations with some of the world’s leading academic groups and institutions to elucidate the full potential of the Tx-class and solve one of the greatest global threats to human health.

We welcome collaboration with academia, biotech and pharma companies to further exploit the opportunities of the Tx-class.


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